Sunday, November 2, 2008

AudioCodes Announces High Definition VoIP Strategy

AudioCodes outlined a strategy to embed high definition VoIP capabilities across its product portfolio throughout 2009.
The company's "VoIPerfectHD" technology delivers higher voice clarity, better intelligibility and richer sound, as well as significantly improving a user's experience by doubling the audible voice spectrum.

AudioCodes VoIPerfectHD implementation of HD VoIP relies primarily on AudioCodes leadership in DSP, voice coding and voice processing technologies, and their application to VoIP communications and conferencing. AudioCodes VoIPerfectHD implementation as a unified infrastructure for all AudioCodes' products allows the offering of HD VoIP capabilities and benefits across all of its products ranging from Multi-Service Business Gateways (MSBG), Media Servers, Media Gateways and DSP chips to IP Phones. Applications include both enterprise and service provider networks.

AudioCodes' current and planned HD VoIP Enabled products consist of the IPmedia 3000 Media Server, Mediant 3000 Media Gateway, Mediant 1000 MSBG and the Mediant family of Microsoft certified basic Hybrid Gateways. AudioCodes' Media Servers and Gateways now enable transcoding between different wideband coders while retaining wideband quality. This will allow interworking and connectivity between different wideband networks such as mobile and broadband. AudioCodes plans to introduce HD VoIP on more products in 2009.

AudioCodes noted that over the past 10 years VoIP has succeeded in providing lower cost and greater flexibility on converged voice and data networks, but in general failed to deliver 'better-than-PSTN' quality mainly due to its 3.4 kHz bandwidth limitation connected with the use of legacy narrowband speech codecs in VoIP networks. With the advent and growing spread of IP broadband networks, wideband speech codecs which encode 7.1 kHz of the voice spectrum can now be effectively deployed to double the bandwidth and improve everyday voice communication quality to a level similar to that of conference room quality and/or FM radio. AudioCodes has been working over the past few years and increasingly in 2008 to implement a group of standards-based wideband speech codecs including G.722, AMR-WB, Microsoft RTAudio and others for use in wireline, wireless, cable, enterprise and internet applications with the goal of leading the transition towards increased use of HD VoIP in evolving voice communication networks.

"With our launch of VoIPerfectHD, AudioCodes is creating a whole new market opportunity for the company's voice communication business and introducing a key competitive differentiator in our markets. It's about bringing a new real sense of quality to VoIP communication, enabling improvements to business productivity and clear interpersonal communication between people and across wireline, wireless and cable IP networks," stated Shabtai Adlersberg, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at AudioCodes. "AudioCodes' rich expertise in voice coding and transcoding enables us to offer enhanced connectivity between HD VoIP islands in disparate networks in broadband, IMS, Mobile and Cable, and offers greater flexibility in future interconnecting HD VoIP devices."

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