Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AT&T Builds Network Disaster Recovery Organization

AT&T has completed a year-long initiative to integrate it Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) capabilities.

The integration project expands the scope of AT&T's NDR functions beyond the core backbone network to also encompass response to emergency situations that impact local wireless and wired access networks. AT&T has invested more than $500 million in its NDR function, which includes more than 150 technology and equipment trailers that can be quickly deployed anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide to respond to a disaster situation. As a result, the company said is now ready to bring unmatched resources to bear to help ensure the flow of both wireless and wired communications during times of need, all backed by centralized command and control to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

AT&T said that in addition to consolidating wireless, wired and backbone network recovery capabilities, it made a number of critical investments in NDR equipment and training in 2008, including the:

  • Completion of the 50th full-scale NDR training exercise since the organization's inception in 1991.

  • Expansion of the NDR fleet with new trailers expanding IP technology, satellite communications functionality, power distribution and specialized equipment supporting AT&T's new-generation, 40 Gbps backbone network.

  • Refit of multiple power trailers to improve performance as well as environmental profile.

  • Opening of a third NDR equipment warehouse in the southeastern United States.

  • Addition of an equipment warehouse in the United Kingdom.