Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amdocs to Acquire ChangingWorlds for Personalization System

Amdocs agreed to acquire ChangingWorlds, a privately-held provider of personalization and intelligent portal solutions for mobile service providers, for $60 million in cash. Additional consideration may be paid later based on the achievement of certain performance metrics.

ChangingWorlds' patented technology automatically builds subscriber profiles based on user behavior and usage patterns that require no user input or action to make finding relevant content faster and requiring less clicks. For example, a sports enthusiast will see the link to latest information about his favorite football team on his home page, while a classical music fan will see the link to the upcoming concerts in his area.

Amdocs said ChangingWorlds' technology, combined with the Amdocs CES portfolio, will enable better customer experiences by allowing end users to quickly get relevant information based on what they use most, making it easier to navigate the Internet on their phones and reducing the time they spend looking for content.

ChangingWorlds' technology currently addresses mobile devices, and Amdocs said it intends to expand the technology to three screens (mobile, PC and television) to personalize the customer experience across all touch points. ChangingWorlds and Amdocs share several customers including Sprint, the Vodafone Group and Telefonica O2.

"Sprint is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience across a wide range of data services, including Internet browsing," said Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product and technology development for Sprint. "Sprint and Amdocs have worked together for years on a number of important projects designed to enhance the customer experience. ChangingWorlds has been integral to our Sprint Web offering and provides the technology and expertise that will help us continue to deliver enhanced and personalized Internet services."

ChangingWorlds is based in Dublin, Ireland.http://www.amdocs.comhttp://www.changingworlds.com/