Thursday, October 2, 2008

Verizon Hosts Forum on Network Specifications

Verizon is preparing to host its 14th Annual Forum on Network Hardware Specifications, Standards and Testing this week in Orlando, Florida.

This year, new "topologies," or network design parameters, will be among the central topics of discussion. New network designs must reflect the growing use of fiber optics and other systems in delivering nontraditional services like video and multimedia content over transformed networks.

"Verizon is focused on the energy efficiency, service quality, reliability and environmental impact of the networks we build and rebuild, so we take communications with our suppliers about the performance we expect of them and their equipment very seriously," said Chuck Graff, conference founder and director of NEBS compliance and quality assurance for Verizon. "This year, 250 participants from nine countries, representing more than 80 manufacturers and testing labs, will meet and commit to working with us to more quickly deploy the highest-quality, most efficient gear possible."

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