Thursday, October 2, 2008

TIA Urges FCC to Ensure New Rules Allow Advanced Cordless Phones to Operate

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has called upon the FCC to amend frequency rules so that advanced cordless phones can continue to operate in the AWS H Block after the FCC adopts rules for this spectrum.

The TIA argues that a change in Part 15 frequency limits is required so that cordless phones may continue to operate if the FCC changes H Block rules as it currently proposes. Cordless phones and other Unlicensed Personal Communications Services (UPCS) devices currently operate in a designated band (the UPCS band) with regulatory flexibility so that new cordless technologies can be advanced. However, TIA made clear, the FCC's proposed H Block rules will render cordless phones in the UPCS Band inoperable without changing frequency rules for UPCS devices. The FCC should, TIA argued, eliminate the threshold requirement associated with the "least interfered-channel rule" in Part 15, and reduce the minimum number of channels to be monitored under the least interfered-channel rules from 40 to 20.

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