Monday, October 6, 2008

Syniverse Announces 3-Year Contract Extension with Verizon Wireless

Syniverse Technologies announced a three-year contract extension with Verizon Wireless, effective Sept. 30, under which it will continue to empower the wireless operator with capabilities that enable it to deliver seamless mobile services by making it possible for disparate technologies and standards to interoperate. All of the existing product lines that Syniverse currently provides to Verizon Wireless for the management of its data clearing and roaming operations are encompassed by the contract, including:

  • Mobile Data Roaming -- Enables mobile operators to cost effectively bridge technical gaps and simplify business relationships among roaming partners to meet subscriber demand for ubiquitous wireless data connectivity.

  • Data Clearing House -- Effectively and efficiently manages data clearing and roaming operations for an operator, minimizing the resources required to handle roaming accounting and ensuring the rapid exchange of data records that drive accurate invoicing and settlement, and increase revenue assurance.

  • UniRoam -- an inter-standard roaming solution that enables operators to provide global access to voice and data services across both CDMA and GSM-based networks.