Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SiRF Debuts SiRFlinkIII Combo Radio IC

SiRF Technology Holdings unveiled its SiRFlinkIII combination radio single-chip solution that combines a high-performance GPS RF front end and a complete Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR controller optimized for use with the SiRFatlas and SiRFprima multifunction SoC platforms. The device is designed to drive its on-chip Bluetooth radio at full class 2.0 power while providing high GPS sensitivity in next-generation mobile convergence devices.

The SiRFlinkIII combo radio IC successfully passed Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR qualification tests as well as interoperability testing with more than 150 popular mobile phones in the market. The GPS and Bluetooth functions share many peripheral components, such as power regulators and clock sources.

"SiRFlinkIII is designed to address our customers' need to build cost- effective mobile navigation and location-aware devices with wireless connectivity for enhanced functionality, such as hands-free calling, without compromising the location performance," said Kanwar Chadha, vice president of marketing and founder of SiRF. "By pre-integrating SiRFlinkIII with our multifunction SoC platforms, we are able to optimize the system-level performance while minimizing the design complexity for our customers to enable them to accelerate their time to market."http://www.sirf.com/

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