Monday, October 6, 2008

Reliance Globalcom Integrates Operations

Reliance Globalcom is structuring its services under four core business segments comprising of Data, Voice, WiMax and NLD.

The company said it is in unique position to deliver a unrivalled hybrid network reach, depth and breadth with a private undersea cable system spanning 65,000 km, over 110,000 kms of domestic optic fiber in India, and a Global Service Delivery Platform connecting 40 key business markets in India, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the U.S..

The Data segment integrates Reliance Globalcom Limited ( formerly known as FLAG Telecom), Reliance Globalcom Services Inc (formerly known as Yipes Enterprises) and Reliance Vanco Group ( formerly known as Vanco Group). The company provides multinational clients with low-latency connectivity into developed and developing markets, global Ethernet VPLS spanning key metros, and relationships with over 750 carrier partners.

The Reliance Globalcom data business will compete with AT&T, British Telecom Global Services, Orange Business Services, and Verizon Business, for medium to large MNCs around the world, serving them directly or through channel partners.

"Reliance Globalcom is now poised for strong exponential growth." said Mr. Punit Garg, President and CEO, Reliance Globalcom. "This consolidation will augment our capabilities to offer highly customer-focused solutions to end consumers and businesses (including enterprises, systems integrators, and carriers) around the globe. This is an important step towards making Reliance Globalcom one of the Top 5 Global communications enterprises", he added.

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