Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Limelight Networks Exceeds Two Terabit Per Second Global Capacity

Limelight Networks' global content delivery network has exceeded two terabits per second (Tbps) capacity. The company calculates that 2 Tbps is roughly the raw capacity required to deliver content to the equivalent of four Nielsen ratings points of audience. Even taking network overhead into account, this milestone means Limelight's capacity could support delivering broadcast-quality content to over two million simultaneous Internet users.

Limelight's CDN approach is to store a publisher's entire content library logically close to the end user, so content is delivered without traversing the congested public Internet. This is accomplished by directly connecting over eight petabytes of storage to over 900 last mile access networks, through a fiber-optical connection maintained by the company.

"This milestone of two terabits per second of network capacity represents the beginning of a new era in the content delivery industry. While Limelight Networks' architecture has always ensured a broadcast quality experience, today's milestone demonstrates that we can deliver broadcast quantity entertainment -- thousands of programs to global Internet audiences that are measurable in Nielson ratings points," said Nathan Raciborski, chief technical officer, Limelight Networks.

Limelight Networks is hosting a Digital Media Innovation Forum this week in Phoenix, Arizona.

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