Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jungo Offers IPTV Fast Channel Switching Solution

Jungo's "OpenRG" residential gateway software now supports a fast channel-switching feature. This solution enables service providers to enhance consumers' IPTV experience by improving the channel-switching performance of broadband access equipment.

Jungo said subscribers expect switching between hundreds of channels to be smooth and fast. However, in reality, IPTV users often experience slow response times, and sub-standard picture quality, further affected by pixelation. These problems tend to increase in homes with multiple STBs. A channel switching delay of under two seconds is considered acceptable to users.

Jungo's new technology removes channel-switching overheads by employing a mix of tactics, including an enhancement of the regular IGMP Leave and Fast-Leave operations - otherwise known as ‘Aggressive Leave' -- the monitoring of available resources such as bandwidth and virtual circuits (VCs), and intelligent bandwidth usage assumptions. The new solution from Jungo can be used on any off-the-shelf STB.

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