Monday, October 6, 2008

JDSU Introduces New FTTH Pump Laser

JDSU introduced its new 4900 Series pump laser offering twice the power of existing components. The pump laser increases an optical amplifier's signal power so that it can split a signal to travel over multiple fibers and reach the maximum number of homes, helping to decrease signal generation costs for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and service providers.

Some product highlights:

  • Doubles laser pump power from 4 watts (W) to 8 W, allowing NEMs and service providers to replace two pump lasers with a single pump laser within optical amplifiers for FTTH deployments.

  • Designed to improve pump laser efficiency by 20 percent, reducing power and cooling requirements.

  • 70 percent smaller in size than the previous pump laser platform, freeing up valuable data center real estate for customers.

  • Based on JDSU's telecom-grade L4 diode laser platform that was released in December 2007.