Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Japan's WILLCOM Selects Alcatel-Lucent IP Routers

WILLCOM, which provides mobile communications using PHS (Personal Handyphone System) to some 4.6 million subscribers (as of end of January 2008), has selected Alcatel-Lucent's IP service router portfolio as the foundation for its wireless IP network. The Alcatel-Lucent service routers will enable WILLCOM to support increased traffic growth and new advanced service features required for the commercial launch of their next-generation wireless services, eXtended Global Platform (XGP) in October 2009.

Alcatel-Lucent deployed its 7750 and 7710 Service Routers (SR) into the core and edge of WILLCOM's network following a series of stringent test and evaluations, including a field trial for more than a year with Itochu Techno Solutions Corporation (CTC). The Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS service-oriented architecture provides WILLCOM with a resilient, highly differentiated network with the powerful quality of service required for innovative, next-generation wireless IP services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

"Preparation for the launch of our XGP has been progressing steadily, with the Alcatel-Lucent's solution performing very well in the core and edge of our IP network. It is meeting the high standards we need to provide our customers the kind of quality services they can expect from us ", said Yoshiki Chika, Director, Executive Vice President, WILLCOM Inc.

XGP (eXtended Global Platform) is a wireless broadband communications based on current PHS (Personal Handy Phone) with additions of advanced technologies such as OFDM and MIMO. WILLCOM has chosen the commercial branding name of XGP as "WILLCOM CORE (Communication Of Revolution & Evolution)" and aims to be the "CORE" of your communications and business by "evolving" to an open broadband based on the "revolutionary" technology of microcell network made up of 160k base stations like PHS. Also, XGP has been standardized at PHS MoU Group and has been recommended as a Broadband Wireless Access system by ITU (XGP: ITU-R M. 1801).http://www.alcatel-lucent.com

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