Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ixia Tests Energy Efficiency of D-Link's Switch

Andorra--based Broadband-Testing Labs has used Ixia's IxGreen Proof-of-Concept testing solution to determine the energy efficiency of layer 2, IP network switches from D-Link.

The energy-efficiency tests performed by Broadband-Testing Labs involved D-Link's line of Enterprise-level 24-port, X-Stack DGT-3627, DGT-3426 Layer 2/3 Gigabit Ethernet switches and the "Web Smart" 24-port, layer-2 DGT-1224T Gigabit Ethernet switch from D-Link's "Green Ethernet" range. Testing was conducted at Ixia's test labs in Marlow, U.K.

The maximum power consumption was 50.35 watts, recorded with traffic running into the DGT-3627 and through the 10Gbps uplink into the DGT-3426 -- essentially an absolute maximum load. Meantime, the "green" DGT-1224T, consuming a mere 9.3 watts in 10/100 idle mode, maxed out at 23.65 watts when fully loaded at Gigabit line speed.

Ixia said its IxGreen Proof-of-Concept solution will help data center managers to achieve their eco-efficient data center goals.