Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Huawei Debuts 3G/2G Software Defined Radio (SDR) Base Station

Huawei Technologies introduced a 3G / 2G Software Defined Radio (SDR) Single RAN base station. The product was developed in close cooperation with technologists from Vodafone who are exploring how to enhance the customer experience in a more cost-effective and energy efficient way. The development is one of the first products from Huawei and Vodafone's Radio Mobile Innovation Centre based in Madrid, Spain.

Using Huawei's latest Remote Radio Unit, Huawei's Single RAN solution aims to provide greater cost efficiencies for operators in the areas of power consumption, transmission expense, footprint and maintenance costs when compared with traditional BTS solutions.

The design promises CAPEX and OPEX savings because carriers would only need to deploy a single Radio Access Network base station, compared to the costs involved with two independent 2G and 3G networks. Huawei says its Single RAN Solution is also capable of seamlessly migrating to LTE.

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