Sunday, October 5, 2008

FCC Grants Spectrum License Extensions and Renewals to FiberTower

FiberTower announced that all of its Area-Wide licenses in the 38.6 to 40.0 GHz spectrum bands received either renewals for another 10 years or construction extensions until June 1, 2012 from the FCC.

These 566 licenses, coupled with 103 licenses for 24 GHz spectrum, allow FiberTower's hybrid microwave/fiber network to extend over virtually the entire continental U.S. covering 284 million people.

"We are extremely pleased by the FCC's action as it enables us to continue leveraging our spectrum, which represents one of our primary assets," said Kurt Van Wagenen, FiberTower's President and Chief Executive Officer. "With these licenses secured, we will continue building our hybrid backhaul network in support of our customers' growing capacity demands."