Sunday, October 19, 2008

Devicescape's "Easy Wi-Fi" Connects Handsets, PCs, Devices

Devicescape, which develops solutions for simplifying the process of connecting to various Wi-Fi networks, introduced the latest version of its software targeted at three market segments: handsets, laptops and PCs, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi can be integrated into a variety of service-enabled device designs to provide secure, reliable and easy-to-use Wi-Fi network access. Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi is suitable for OEM and ODM embedded devices, PC OEM applications, and semiconductor reference designs. Key capabilities include:

  • Robust security: support for WEP, WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise, and a broad set of EAP modes. In addition, compatibility with the large base of Cisco enterprise WLAN installations is assured with optional support for the Cisco Compatible Extensions version 4 and 5 (CCXv 4 and 5).

  • Easy device setup: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) from Devicescape makes the configuration of secure personal wireless networks as simple as pushing a button or entering a PIN code.

  • Simple connectivity: Devicescape's Connection Manager Framework handles setup, management and termination of Wi-Fi connections. It automatically manages the priority of networks to be selected and manages the security settings for those networks.

  • Seamless mobility: Devicescape's Hotspot Login allows users to seamlessly connect to hotspots without having to constantly re-enter information. Once users have entered their username and password the first time, they will then be able to connect automatically and hassle-free in subsequent sessions.

Devicescape's three new market-specific solutions include:

  • Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi for Handsets -- includes a Wi-Fi solution that is compatible with any operator network. It also offers flexible configuration for automatic network access, so a handset can work with a specific operator and roaming partner or be unlocked for access to multiple operators. Easy Wi-Fi for Handsets also provides a connection manager framework for client and service updates.

  • Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi for PCs -- includes a Wi-Fi solution that provides security and is compatible with all operator networks. The solution can be integrated with the PC OEM connection manager and offers out-of-the-box access to hundreds of thousands of free hotspots. The solution can be configured to support single or multiple operators by the manufacturer and offers an optional Web-based control panel for users as well as enabling operators to provision service.

  • Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi for Devices -- provides manufacturers with security, automatic login capabilities and a small footprint. The Devicescape client enables manufacturers to support sales to all markets and geographies as well as dramatically simplify the user experience. Easy Wi-Fi for Devices also offers an optional Web-based control panel for users that can be re-branded and hosted at the service provider's Web site.

Devicescape also cited growing customer traction, including relationships with HTC, Fujitsu, Intel, Nokia, and RIM as well as service providers such as British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom and The Cloud. The company said it now has more than 90 customers, hundreds of design wins and millions of units shipping.

For iPhone and iTouch users, a consumer download version of Easy Wi-Fi is available on Apple's App Store.

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