Monday, October 27, 2008

Cornell University Deploys BridgeWave for Wireless Network Hardening

Cornell University has deployed several of BridgeWave Communications' 60-GHz gigabit wireless links as part of their network hardening strategy. BridgeWave's AR60 and AR60X products provide uninterrupted campus connectivity even during inclement weather or natural disaster situations. Additionally, the products' built-in Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) feature would protect University research from potential network tapping.

BridgeWave said its AdaptRate (AR) products are being used by Cornell to augment a vulnerable fiber link in the campus network as well as to serve as backup for their other network links. Cornell was particularly interested in the products' built-in AES feature and the exclusive AdaptRate technology. The AR radios momentarily switch transmissions from GigE to 100 Mbps data rates during intense or violent weather patterns or during moments of torrential downpour to maintain a highly available link.