Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AT&T Highlights Q3 Updates to its Business Services

During the third quarter 2008, AT&T made the following updates to its portfolio of services for business customers.

Enterprise Mobility, Device Protection & Control -- AT&T introduced an over-the-air solution that allows customers to configure, monitor and enhance the security of AT&T smartphones through a single, hosted Web console. Device Protection & Control allows company telecom managers to install software, configure devices, receive diagnostic information and manage policy compliance. The solution is hosted by AT&T, so businesses don't have to invest in, install and maintain new hardware to protect and manage their wireless devices.

Expanded VPN Reach -- AT&T's VPN service is now available to business customers in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ethernet Access to VPN -- Ethernet access to AT&T VPN and Enhanced VPN services is now available to business customers in Luxembourg, Portugal and Poland.

Expanded IP DSL Access to VPNs -- AT&T IP Digital Subscriber Line customers in Canada and the Asia Pacific region can now access their company's VPN using the AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access Service and AT&T Virtual Private Tunneling Service. The expansion enables mobile workers for large and small companies to stay connected to their corporate networks regardless of their location around the world.

10 Gbps Speed for Ethernet Private Line WAN -- AT&T has added a 10 Gbps interoffice channel bandwidth option to its Ethernet Private Line Service for wide area networks (WAN) and Ethernet customers connecting to local area networks at the Layer 1 (physical) level. Now customers have a choice of Ethernet connection speeds, ranging from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps, in up to 100 cities across the U.S. The higher speed also will help Ethernet Private Line customers making point-to-point connections to realize higher performance with low latency and jitter, which is critical to server synchronization and other delay-sensitive network applications.

AT&T Managed WAN Acceleration Service -- AT&T Managed WAN Acceleration Service enhances connectivity and transport services for AT&T VPN, Enhanced VPN and Managed Router Service clients around the world. It improves network resources through more efficient use of bandwidth, resulting in easier integration with new technologies, improved applications performance and better economies of scale from converged wireless and wireline services. This enhancement complements AT&T's existing asymmetrical application acceleration solutions that are centralized in an AT&T Internet data center.

AT&T Hosted Outbound Calling Service -- AT&T has introduced a network-based outbound calling service that allows contact center customers to off-load or load balance the demand on their contact center employees through an Interactive Voice Response platform. This new service supports automated collection and automated fraud notification applications. The platform will call out to a programmed list of customer clients and provide a preset voice notification depending on the application being used and the client situation.

Web Hosting for Small Businesses -- In addition to the Web site design services rolled out earlier this year, AT&T has added to its list of professional Web hosting services for small businesses to include support for site and database migrations, one-stop e-commerce site builds, database builds, expanded managed system administration and server administration and code execution monitoring and third-party code debugging and support. In addition, discount plans have been extended to customers who purchase new AT&T services such as AT&T High Speed Internet U-verse Enabled Business Edition and AT&T Tech Support 360. Discount plans were already available to AT&T access customers.

AT&T Billing Solutions Enhancements -- AT&T offered additional converged billing capabilities that are designed to simplify the billing process and improve accuracy by providing a single detailed invoice for certain AT&T products and services. Also, AT&T Enterprise Alternate Bill Media delivers solutions for customers wishing to simplify and maximize bill management.http://www.att.com