Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alcatel-Lucent Supplies WiMAX Rev-e network in Armenia

iCON Communications (iCON), a provider of IP-based services in the Republic of Armenia, has selected Alcatel-Lucent to design, deploy and maintain a commercial WiMAX 802.16e-2005 (Rev-e) network in Armenia. The new network will enable the operator to introduce innovative wireless broadband services in the country by the end of 2008. Yerevan, the country's capital, will be the first city covered by the services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The deployment by iCON will feature Alcatel-Lucent's end-to-end WiMAX Rev-e solution, including base stations, wireless access controllers, and an operations and maintenance center (OMC) as well as customer premises equipment (CPE). The core IP network will be based on the Alcatel-Lucent 7710 Service Router to provide resilient IP/MPLS networking network management, and powerful, service-oriented quality of service (QoS) enabling innovative new mobile IP services. Alcatel-Lucent will also provide the 9500 Microwave Cross Connect (MXC) and 9400 AWY Microwave systems to support the backhaul requirements for the network, as well as network- planning and engineering, integration optimization and commissioning services.

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