Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Verizon Business Activates Services on New Trans-Pacific Express Cable

Verizon Business has begun activating services over the new Trans-Pacific Express submarine cable network, which connects the United States with mainland China, South Korea and Taiwan. Multinational customers can now start migrating IP, data and voice communications traffic moving onto this cable system, which will deliver additional capacity, greater physical diversity, reduced latency, improved performance and seven-way mesh network diversity.

Verizon Business teamed up with founding TPE Consortium members - China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, Korea Telecom and Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan) -- to build the TPE cable. The new 18,000-kilometer (more than 11,000-mile) cable system can support the equivalent of 77.5 million simultaneous phone calls, more than 60 times the overall capacity of the existing cable directly linking the United States and mainland China. The operating capacity of the system is 3.2 terabits per second (Tbps), an increase of 25 percent over the original system design.

Verizon said that with a minimum 80 wavelengths per fiber, TPE has the highest wave-density of any submarine cable in the world at this length. Customers can access the cable system at wavelengths of up to 10 Gbps directly from the U.S. to China, Korea and Taiwan. In the next phase, the system will add links to Japan.http://www.verizonbusiness.com

  • TPE is the first major undersea system to land on the U.S. West coast in more than seven years. The project represents an investment by consortium members of more than $500 million.

  • Landing points for TPE are at Nedonna Beach, Oregon; Qingdao, China; Chongming, China; Tanshui, Taiwan; and Keoje, South Korea.

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