Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sumitomo Develops 10Gbps 80km Transceiver

Sumitomo Electric Industries introduced a 10 Gbps integrated direct modulation laser diode (DML) featuring built-in electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) and a range of 80 km. Previously, DMLs were used in transceivers up to data rates of 2.5 Gbps.

Sumitomo Electric Industries noted that for 10Gbps ZR applications, DMLs previously were not a reliable light source because transmission distance was limited by chromatic dispersion due to optical spectrum chirping. As a result, light sources such as those combined with an expensive external modulation laser diode (EML) had to be used for this application.

SEI's design is the first product to integrate a DML and an EDC circuit internally to the transceiver. By providing improved chirp characteristics in the DML and combining it with a receiver having a built-in EDC capability, this product offers a low cost integrated solution for long distance applications. SEI said its product enables 10Gbps transmission over 80 km using a low cost DML.


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