Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stratecast and Innopath Quantify the Positive Billion-Dollar Impact of MDM

Using mobile device management (MDM) technology within mobile operators' customer care organizations could have a major impact on global operational and support costs in the range of $3 billion in 2009 to over $23 billion by 2013, according to market researcher Stratecast and InnoPath, a leading supplier of MDM solutions.

Using MDM, customer care representatives both on the phone and in the store can view a customer's handset configuration and quickly understand what is missing, incorrect, or out-of-date. Following identification of the problem, a solution can be immediately applied Over the Air (OTA) without any intervention from the customer. This streamlines the customer support process, creating efficiencies that reduce the number and length of support contacts and in turn results in tremendous cost savings. Stratecast and InnoPath predict that these cost savings, when applied to an average North American operator (with 70 million subscribers), would result in a total savings of $2 billion dollars over five years.

The jointly developed ROI model includes more than twenty-five independent variables and leverages both Stratecast's empirical data and InnoPath's practical experience.

"The advanced services customers demand from their cell phones are creating an unprecedented burden on the mobile operator," says Nancee Ruzicka of Stratecast's OSS/BSS Global Competitive Strategies group. "Increasingly complex requirements for device configurations, software updates and convoluted trouble-shooting procedures are driving up support costs. These are costs which cannot be contained without streamlining traditional methods of customer support for mobile devices."