Sunday, September 21, 2008

SiTime Introduces MEMS-based Clock Oscillator

SiTime, a start-up based in Sunnyvale, California, introduced a clock oscillator built using Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)-based CMOS technology. The device uses a tiny mechanical resonator uses electrostatic forces to oscillate at any frequency from 1 MHz to 125 MHz..

SiTime cites several advantages for implementing clock oscillators using a MEMS device. The new SiT8002XT offers 10 times better reliability and shock resistance than quartz oscillators. When packaged in CMOS, the clock becomes virtually indestructible and is able to withstand up to 50,000 G-forces and an industrial temperature range.

The miniature device, which measures 3.5 mm by 3.0 mm with a typical height of 0.25mm, is aimed at high-volume portable electronics, such as high capacity SIM cards, smart cards, mobile phone system in package (SIP) modules, digital cameras, LCD TVs, media players, gaming solutions, hard disk drives and USB peripherals. The company estimates the market for such timing devices at $5 billion per year.

Samples of the SiT8002XT are available now.

  • SiTime is headed by Rajesh Vashist (CEO), who previously served as CEO and chairman of the board at Ikanos Communications. SiTime's executive team also includes Aaron Partridge (who previously coordinated the MEMS resonator research at Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto), Markus Lutz (also previously with Bosch),
    Fari Assaderaghi (previously with Rambus and HP), Narayanan Bharath (previously with Ikanos), and Piyush Sevalia (previously with Ikanos).

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