Tuesday, September 2, 2008

RADWIN Releases WinLink 1000 5.8 GHz C

RADWIN introduced its WinLink 1000 5.8 GHz High-Power solution featuring compliance with the latest ETSI regulation [EN 302 502 V1.1.1] allowing 4 watt maximum radiated power (EIRP).

The WinLink 1000 5.8 GHz High-Power incorporates a Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) mechanism as defined by the new ETSI standard. It provides carrier-class Ethernet and E1 connectivity with longer range and higher capacity than previously available in unlicensed bands. Geared for service providers and ISPs, the WinLink 1000 5.8 GHz is aimed at a range of telecom applications including access in rural areas, cellular and WiMAX backhaul and private network connectivity.http://www.radwin.com