Monday, September 22, 2008

Qualcomm Supplies Dual-Core Chipset for T-Mobile's G1

Qualcomm is supplying the chipset used in the new T-Mobile G1 Andorid phone, which is manufactured by HTC.

As part of its work with theOpen Handset Alliance OHA, Qualcomm has optimized the Android software by integrating it with Qualcomm's MSM7201A -- a single chip, dual- core solution that combines high-speed processing, hardware-accelerated multimedia capabilities, 3D graphics and built-in, multi-mode 3G mobile broadband connectivity. GPS location-based services enhance Google's StreetView and Google Maps for mobile, while high-quality video playback and streaming functions support services such as YouTube. A 3 mega-pixel camera enables barcode scanning for applications that compare sale prices, search for reviews and store shopping lists.

Qualcomm worked with HTC on the design and development of this first Android-based device.