Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Proximion Introduces Smallest Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module

Proximion Fiber Systems announced the industry's smallest Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module (TDCM).
The device can tune any wavelength across the entire C-band, with wide symmetrical dispersion tunability. Proximion said its TDCM is suitable for DWDM 40 Gbps applications and above. At these bit rates, dispersion management is crucial. The TDCM solution tightly controls the dispersion with continuous tunability reaching from -700 to +700 ps/nm. Moreover, the colorless operation enables one product for all channels. The TDCM can also be used as an in-line dispersion compensator in 10 Gbps systems, where the TDCM simultaneously compensates for all ITU channels, replacing a number of different fixed dispersion compensation modules.http://www.proximion.com