Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Polaris Wireless Launches Hybrid Location Solution

Polaris Wireless, which specializes in software-based location systems, introduced a new Hybrid Location Solution within its Wireless Location Signatures product family. The solution works with A-GPS systems to provide high accuracy across all environments, especially dense urban and indoor environments, where standalone A-GPS mobile location solutions experience severe accuracy, yield and latency challenges.

Polaris said its Advanced Hybrid Solution can now locate callers in urban environments with accuracy improvements ranging from 40 to 70 percent, at the 67th and 95th percentiles respectively, as compared to standalone A-GPS. Polaris has developed unique algorithms, based on extensive testing in challenging environments that combine information from WLS and A-GPS. They also improve time-to-fix to support location applications that require immediate accuracy location information; that is, within 3-4 seconds, rather than over 20 seconds with a stand-alone A-GPS solution.

Polaris also leverages handset signature technology . Like a fingerprint's pattern of lines and swirls, a location can be identified by a unique set of values including measurements of neighboring cell signal strengths, time delay and other network parameters. The system mines network measurement information and determine accurate locations to within tens of meters.

The Polaris Wireless Advanced Hybrid Solution is available as a commercial, Tier 1 carrier grade, LBS-ready platform supported on fully redundant and scalable off-the-shelf server hardware.http://www.polariswireless.com

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