Monday, September 29, 2008

PMC-Sierra Announces 2nd Gen GPON Devices

PMC-Sierra announced the availability of its second generation GPON devices for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) deployments. The devices support the company's GigaPASS architecture, which integrates multiple hardware-based packet processing engine subsystems to deliver wire-speed packet processing at all packet sizes for gigabit connectivity.

PMC-Sierra's new GPON System-On-Chip (SoC) solutions include the PAS7401 GPON ONT, the MSP7162 GPON Gateway and the PAS5211 four-port GPON OLT. The company is also offering reference designs and software.

PMC-Sierra's ONT, Single-Family Unit (SFU), Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) and gateway reference designs are available for a range of user interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, MoCA, POTS, USB and WiFi. The designs implement advanced power saving techniques that enable the use of smaller batteries in deployments where lifeline service is required, and reduce ONT power consumption to a minimum when not in use, reducing the cost and increasing the energy efficiency of GPON networks.

The GPON OLT reference design provides complete line card functionality and implements a very low-latency upstream Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) algorithm, as well as optical supervision features, enabling higher network efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Key Features of PMC-Sierra's GPON Solutions

  • The PAS7401 integrates a GPON MAC, a VoIP subsystem, an embedded controller and GigaPASS bridge performing advanced classification, queuing and filtering, with wire-speed throughput at all packet sizes. Advanced power saving modes can lower PON deployment costs by reducing battery backup unit expenses. The reference designs come with complete GPON ONT software, featuring GPON functions, QoS bridging, VoIP, SIP and OMCI.

  • The MSP7162 leverages the PAS7401 features and adds gigabit-per-second IPv4 or IPv6 routing, Network Address Translation (NAT) and Quality of Service (QoS) features (see Figure 7). The reference design includes complete GPON gateway software featuring an RG management application, GPON functions, bridging, routing, NAT and QoS, WiFi, VoIP and SIP, and OMCI.

  • The PAS5211 integrates four GPON MACs, a backplane interface of either one 10Gbps port or four 2.5Gbps ports, an embedded controller and a GigaPASS bridge performing advanced classification, queuing and filtering at line-rate. DBA accelerators and embedded optical supervision cores can lower the network deployment and maintenance costs. Its high-density OLT line card reference design comes with complete software, including GPON link management protocols, DBA algorithm and an API layer that are portable to a variety of operating system and host processors.


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