Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NTT Com Offers SaaS-based Internet Gateway Service

NTT Com is preparing to launch a new Internet gateway service in October that combines a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based Internet gateway and integrated virtual private network (VPN) in a single package with one-stop support. Customers will access through NTT Com's virtual private network services (e-VLAN, Arcstar IP-VPN and Group-VPN), ensuring a highly secure corporate communication environment that bypasses the Internet.

Using NTT Com's existing corporate Internet gateway service, "Secure ICT," customers wishing to use a VPN must establish the network themselves and provide a line for connection to the service, as well as register separately for each application software. With Secure ICT over VPN, however, integrated support will enable customers to quickly access a secure Internet gateway with less preparation and expense.

Corporate customers will be able to use the gateway as a unified platform for managing security policies, such as firewalls, Web proxy and logging in. Business continuity plans will be supported with multi-home Internet transit and complete server redundancy.

Optional features will include e-mail hosting, virus checking, spam filtering, Web proxy and URL filtering. Monthly fees will start as low as 98,000 yen.

NTT Com also announced that it will launch an e-mail hosting service, Secure Mail over VPN, to enable customers to outsource their e-mail environments for just 63,000 yen per month. Security will equal that of an in-company server, and the service will offer options such as virus checking, spam filtering and e-mail archiving.http://www.ntt.co.jp

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