Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nanoradio Supplies WiFi for 3G UMA Mobile Phone

Nanoradio AB has supplied its "Always On WiFi" silicon for Samsung's first 3G UMA phone. The same "Always On WiFi" solution was also recently launched in a 2.5G UMA phone. The two phones, P250 and P270, will both be released by Samsung in multiple countries in Europe, opening up a new world of multimedia services to the UMA operator customer base. The P270 is the first device on the market that combines UMA and 3G network technology.

Nanoradio said its NRX700/2 Wi-Fi chipset offers fully tested 802.11b/g functionality, featuring ultra-low power consumption enabling extensive UMA standby time and UMA talk time. The Nanoradio WiFi solution is doubling the standby and talk time compared to standard UMA phone offerings.

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