Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Motorola Says its Chicago WiMAX infrastructure Ready for Sprint XoHM

Motorola announced that its WiMAX infrastructure has passed network acceptance tests ahead of Sprint's upcoming commercial launch of its WiMAX service. Nearly 600 Motorola WiMAX base stations are on the air and ready for commercial service. Sprint announced its selection of WiMAX technology in 2006 and awarded Motorola the Chicago market in early 2007. Motorola noted several milestones:

  • December 2006 - Completed first data session in the XOHM labs

  • September 2007 - Demonstrated mobile WiMAX handoff to the press

  • October 2007 - Completed first data session on the live XOHM mobile WiMAX network between XOHM markets and across vendor platforms

  • April 2008 - Completed successful interoperability certification testing with multiple commercial device vendors.


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