Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Motorola Debuts Wireless LAN Real-time Location Solution

Motorola introduced a real-time location solution as part of its the Wireless Next Generation (Wi-NG) architecture supporting its RF Wireless Switches. The Real-time Location System (RTLS) delivers location awareness and standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs) for third-party business applications across Motorola's indoor and outdoor wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure. The solution enables accurate location determination and presence detection capabilities for Wi-Fi-based devices, Wi-Fi-based active RFID tags and passive RFID tags.

Motorola said its location solution is both RF- and tag-agnostic, and includes built-in location determination algorithms that can integrate data from third-party location engines. An application level events (ALE) interface allows developers to create location-based business applications using location data. The design is capable of processing many location technologies simultaneously and delivering the data with a single XML-based interface.


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