Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Microsoft Launches Platform for Broadcast TV on the PC

Microsoft is introducing Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture (PBDA), a new worldwide platform for broadcast TV on the PC. The new platform, which uses the recently released Windows Media Center TV Pack, enables the PC-TV hardware ecosystem to integrate virtually any free or premium TV service into Windows Media Center.

The PBDA platform enhances and supersedes the existing Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA), which has been Microsoft's standard for digital video capture on Windows operating systems for many years.

"For the first time, we're enabling those in the PC-TV community to build tuners and integrate almost any broadcast service into Windows Media Center themselves regardless of geographic location or television standard -- we've removed a major roadblock by delivering one consistent platform for the industry," said Geoff Robertson, general manager for Windows Media Center at Microsoft. "The tremendous response we're already seeing for the platform means PC OEMs, broadcast service providers and tuner-makers can now collaborate and embrace the PC as a first-class citizen for delivering more high-quality free or pay content to consumers in their local markets. This is a major milestone for us and our partners as we continue our efforts to deliver the highest-quality, personalized TV-watching experiences available to people everywhere."

Microsoft lists a number of companies rallying behind PBDA, including AVerMedia Inc., Buffalo, Hauppauge Computer Works Inc., I-O Data Device Inc., NEC Electronics Corp., NXP Semiconductors and ViXS Systems,