Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Microsoft Launches Mediaroom IPTV Migration Program

Microsoft has launched a new program to ease the transition for IPTV service providers using other platforms to migrate to its solution. The Microsoft Mediaroom Migration Program delivers a structured assessment process and analytical tools for migration, including business and technical workshops to review set-top-box portability, network compatibility and audio-visual head-end interoperability. The three key phases in the program are:

  • Phase 1 -- Planning scenarios around engineering and business metrics, assessment of lifetime value of the customer, marketing research kit, usability testing.

  • Phase 2 -- Trial program creation, including infrastructure and set-top box migration and migration communications planning.

  • Phase 3 -- Delivery of training and workshops, operational readiness planning for commercial deployment, platform migration and eventual legacy decommissioning. This involves review of the architecture including servers, set-top boxes, encoder feeds and video-on-demand assets.