Sunday, September 14, 2008

Juniper Introduces Dynamic Services Architecture, SRX Gateways

Juniper Networks introduced its family of SRX dynamic services gateways based on a new "Dynamic Services Architecture" that aims to consolidate multiple specialized networking appliances while keeping pace with the scalability and performance requirements of next gen enterprise networks. The new SRX dynamic services gateways deliver up to 120+ Gbps firewall throughput -- an order of magnitude increase in processing speed compared to traditional firewalls. In addition to offering firewall services, the SRX device natively integrates other key services such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDos/DoS) protection, Network Address Translation (NAT), dynamic routing, and QoS.

Juniper said its Dynamic Services Architecture includes its dedicated dual management engine and purpose-built, carrier-class terabit speed fabric that allows for massive scale of Ethernet ports and services processing independently.

The product launch includes the Juniper Networks SRX 5600 and 5800 series dynamic services gateways, which are built on Juniper's terabit speed fabric and run the same JUNOS software as the company's other switching and routing products. By using the same single-source code base network operating system, the SRX series promises secure access to applications and services from a single management framework. The SRX can also leverage the Advanced Insight Solutions (AIS) intelligence built into JUNOS software. The AIS is the enabling technology for Junipers J-Care Technical Services that provides tools and technologies to automate the delivery of network and device information for proactive network protection and support services.

Juniper Networks SRX 5600 and 5800 dynamic services gateways are designed for large enterprise and service provider networks. The SRX 5800 dynamic services gateway can support more than 120 Gbps of stateful firewall and up to 30 Gbps of IPS, as well as 350,000 connections per second. Each deployment of SRX devices can be tailored to the specific network requirements, enabling the SRX 5800 to be configured to support more than 400 Gbps interfaces with choices of Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The scalability of the services processing cards (SPC) and input/output cards (IOC) are enabled by the terabit speed fabric employed in the dynamic services gateways, which allows for massive scale of Ethernet ports and services processing. The design could handle 2 to 30 Gbps of IPS functionality with 500,000 to 4 million sessions running through the box. The SRX 5600 dynamic services gateway uses the same SPCs and IOCs as the SRX 5800 and can support up to 60 Gbps stateful firewall and 15 Gbps IPS.

The base list price for the SRX 5600 chassis starts at USD $65,000 while the list price of the SRX 5800 chassis starts at USD $68,000. The list price for the services processing cards and input/output cards start at USD $100,000.

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