Monday, September 15, 2008

John Chambers: Building the Next Generation Company

Once again, organizations must undertake a complete transformation in the way they are run -- everything from how products are designed/developed to how best to interface with customers/users -- said John Chambers, Cisco's Chairman and CEO, speaking at the company's Financial Analyst Conference. Much like in the late 1990s, new technologies will drive the next decade of productivity growth on global basis. Chambers said Cisco intends to lead by example, leveraging Web 2.0 collaboration technologies to transform its business model. He noted that two-thirds of his customer contacts are now done via telepresence.

The next phase of growth is also characterized by tremendous loads on the network. Chambers expects 100% to 300% annual growth in traffic loads. The challenge for Service Providers is how to monetize it.

Chambers argues that Cisco is best positioned to lead the market in this process of business transformation because it has an architecture based on an integrated set of hardware, software, silicon and services to enable the "network as a platform." Web 2.0 technologies enabled by the "network as a platform" include such things as WebEx, Facebook, Video Blogs, YouTube, TelePresence, Second Life, Wikis, Twitter and Pownce. Cisco is trying to bring all these forms of collaboration into its own business.

An archived webcast is online.

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