Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ipanema Adds Intelligent Acceleration to its WAN Optimization

Ipanema Technologies introduced a major update to its WAN optimization solution, adding Intelligent Acceleration capabilities. Intelligent Acceleration leverages Ipanema's Autonomic Networking System, which provides the most complete traffic management feature set on the market.

Ipanema's system by looking at layer 7 classification of data flows, intelligently inspecting traffic to differentiate between business critical and non-critical and recreational applications. The system then applies a combination of redundancy elimination, TCP acceleration and application acceleration mechanisms. The mechanisms are triggered dynamically depending on the nature of the applications. The system automatically adapts these parameters in real-time based on a dynamic, global analysis of the traffic mix, user behavior and continuous tracking of WAN resource availability.

Ipanema said its Intelligent Acceleration includes a new generation of algorithms that offer breakthrough response time improvements for business applications including SAP, Oracle, mail, file transfers, CIFS, Web, etc.

In addition to large pattern caching and other protocol acceleration techniques, a dedicated zero delay processing path enables quality of experience improvements for interactive applications, including terminals (telnet, SSH, etc.) and virtualized desktops (Citrix, VMware, etc.). Real-time applications (video streaming, VoIP, etc.) may also be both compressed and protected against jitter, delay and loss. The combination of all these technologies delivers guaranteed Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and Application Quality Score (AQS) values and provides excellent WAN capacity improvements.

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