Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Garmin Selects NAVTEQ for First Advertising Supported Real-Time Traffic

Garmin has selected NAVTEQ Traffic's RDS delivery service and the NAVTEQ interactive advertising service for the nuvi 755T, 765T and 775T and nuvi 2x5 family. The companies said they will be the first to bring an advertising supported, real-time traffic service to market in North America.

NAVTEQ Traffic RDS delivers data via FM radio to power Garmin's lifetime traffic alerts allowing drivers to steer clear of traffic accidents, road closures and construction. The Garmin nuvi 755T, 765T and 775T and nuvi 2x5 family come standard with a traffic receiver that will provide alerts in traffic covered areas with no subscription fee required.

NAVTEQ delivers advertising, along with the traffic content, over its RDS network. The advertising is designed to complement the drivers' experience and is contextually relevant. For example, a driver can click on an ad to view specific restaurant information and route to the restaurant's location.