Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fusion-io Evolves Enterprise Flash Storage

Fusion-io, a start-up based in Salt Lake City, introduced its "ioSAN" networked enterprise solid state drive (SSD). The ioSAN can be deployed as networked, server-attached storage or integrated into networked storage infrastructure using the directly connected form factor.

Fusion-io said its design allows an off-the-shelf server to be configured into a storage area network (SAN) with multi-terabytes of low-cost tiered storage, high-performance enterprise flash and high- performance enterprise networking, even building systems that can do millions of IOPS and tens of gigabytes of sustained bandwidth, all at less than one millisecond of latency.

Using a standards-based, memory-speed protocol over either 10GigE or 40GBps QDR InfiniBand, the ioSAN shares ioMemory capacity between servers. Fusion-io claims latencies of less than two microseconds using an integrated network interface that can dynamically alternate between 10 Gbps Ethernet or 40 Gbps quad data rate InfiniBand.