Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ericsson Signs First Hosted Mobile Advertising Outsourcing Contract

The Dutch mobile network operator, KPN, has selected Ericsson to provide hosted mobile advertising. This marks Ericsson's first contract for hosted mobile advertising. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Under the agreement, Ericsson will provide KPN with an end-to-end business solution for managing and delivering targeted advertisements to be displayed on mobile phones and other devices. The hosted service enables KPN to deliver targeted advertisements based on consumer preferences to individual network users via mobile internet pages and various messaging services. The advertisements can be targeted based on each user's personal preferences. Advertising agencies can create and maintain advertisement campaigns through reporting tools.

KPN said it is committed to working out opt-in programs for customers in accordance with legal requirements, and is researching appropriate incentive programs.

In May 2008 KPN commercially launched the first mobile advertising services.

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