Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coresonic Unveils Technique for Adding WiMAX to other Processors

Coresonic AB, a developer of baseband processor technology based in Sweden, introduced a technique for enabling WiMAX to be added to consumer electronics with very little additional silicon. At this week's WiMAX World conference in Chicago, the company is showing its LeoCore WiMAX personality pack running on a new FPGA-based evaluation system. The demo system runs at 80MHz, enough to perform 5MHz single antenna WiMAX channels as well as other standards such as WiFi.

Coresonic said its LeoCore WiMAX personality pack and associated firmware allows WiMAX connectivity to be added to any new chip design, such as media processors for digital cameras, application processors for UMD devices and other products which could benefit from the addition of WiMAX or other high speed wireless communications, with just 1.5sq mm of additional silicon in a 65nm semiconductor manufacturing process. The personality pack provides a complete mobile WiMAX solution from RF interface through FEC to CPU interface for the MAC layer.

Rick Clucas, CEO of Coresonic, said "Some market commentators are suggesting that if WiMAX can be added to existing products for under $10, then the WiMAX market could take off rapidly. Others are indicating that LTE is the way forward. The key point with Coresonic's solution is that our LeoCore technology can add WiMAX connectivity to any device with very little incremental cost and size. Secondly, because our solution is programmable, our customers will be able to quickly adapt their products to whatever standard they need to address by licensing new firmware such as LTE."http://www.coresonic.com