Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cisco Meeting


Cisco is not starting from scratch. A decade of investment for Cisco -- from the early days of VoIP up through its acquisition last year of WebEx.

market transistions and technology transitions. The market transition can be about the nature of work, changes in organizational hiercharchies,

will services be rendered locally or in the cloud? For most companies, the answer is not yet clear.

on the verge of true inter-company collaboration.

Working across the firewalls

WebEx Meeting center,

WebEx Connect, which integrates conferencing, IM,

meeting, mesgind, directory, team spaces and document management.

built on standard SOA protocols

can also be used for business mash-ups

Develops are creating new apps that can be

Also integrate Postpath technologies, which will add email and calendaring functions

So what are business Mash-ups? Web 2.0 has been about consumer apps with Ajx, Java, Ruby, etc. Content distribtion through portal ans monetization has been advertising.

Application publishing environment for business? Leverage same base of Web 2.0 application developers.

WebEx would provide hosting, distribution and monetization for these apps.

compelling business environment

collaboration is going multimodal
collaboration is going inter-company