Sunday, September 21, 2008

Calix Enables Extended Reach GPON, New ONTs

Calix introduced an Extended Reach GPON solution based on ITU-T standards that enables network operators to significantly increase their serving areas beyond the 20 km radius that had formerly limited the technology, without the expense of constructing and powering remote cabinets.

The extended reach is made possible by a new pluggable optical interface module (OIM) inserted into the existing optical line terminal (OLT) line cards on the Calix C7 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP). The solution is supported by all Calix 700, 700G, and 700GX optical network terminals (ONTs).

Specifically, the new laser extends the reach of GPON from 20 km to 33 km, extending the service area addressable by a GPON OLT on the Calix C7 MSAP by 170%. The Calix Extended Reach GPON solution is available to order now.

Calix also introduced its 700GX family of optical network terminals (ONT), which support Active Ethernet standards in addition to the ITUT passive optical networking (GPON and BPON) standards. The new ONTs leverage Calix' auto detect technology, which enable network operators to deploy BPON or GPON over the same ONT. Calix has now extended this technology to add Active Ethernet support, which is gaining traction as a business service.

Key features of the new Calix 700GX ONTs include:

  • Autodetect technology, which allows providers to remotely provision and convert any subscriber from one technology standard to another without truck rolls or upgrades at the customer premises.

  • The 700GX ONTs can be used in conjunction with the Calix C7, E5400, and F5 platforms, or with all standards-based GE switches or routers.

  • Supports dedicated fiber access using Active Ethernet mode

  • When in Active Ethernet mode, the 700GX can reach subscribers up to 40 km distant, enabling service to hard-to-reach customers.

  • Service providers need to inventory only one ONT for all common standards: Active Ethernet, BPON, and GPON.