Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Azulstar Launches 3.65 GHz WiMAX Services with Alvarion

Azulstar, an independent network operator based in Grand Haven, Michigan, officially launched its "MetraMAX" consumer and business wireless broadband services using 3.65 GHz spectrum and Alvarion's 802.16e BreezeMAX equipment. The business service delivers full T1 functionality starting under $275 per month. Residential phone and Internet home bundles start at under $40 per month. Service speeds are available up to 6 Mbps for the home and 100 Mbps symmetric for business connections. The services are available in various West Michigan and New Mexico communities.

Tyler van Houwelingen, Azulstar founder and CEO, said the use of the 3.65 GHz band provides the benefits of licensed spectrum and yet is far cheaper and flexible than previous licensing regimes.

Alvarion's commercially available BreezeMAX 3650 base station and CPEs (customer premises equipment) were the first in the U.S. to receive FCC authorization earlier this year, which is required for all deployment of equipment in the 3.65 GHz band. Alvarion's BreezeMAX 3650 supports self-install CPEs, advanced antenna technologies including MIMO, and enables up to fourth order diversity to maximize capacity and coverage.

Azulstar has aligned with local resellers and partners including US Signal, SourcIT Technologies and BB Telsys with funding for the projects coming from private, local investors.http://www.azulstar.com

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