Monday, September 8, 2008

Alcatel Shanghai Bell and Datang Mobile to Expand TD-SCDMA Collaboration

Alcatel Shanghai Bell and Datang Mobile signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) to facilitate the wide-spread commercial deployment of TD-SCDMA systems in China and overseas. The companies will form a joint team responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy to create the resources and manufacturing infrastructure required to meet future demand for TD-SCDMA technology in China and the rest of the world, through developing standard manufacturing, quality controls and testing procedures. As part of that effort, the two companies will share documents on manufacturing, testing and quality control.

In China, Datang Mobile will designate Alcatel Shanghai Bell as its privileged partner for TD-SCDMA market cooperation and the two parties plan to jointly bid on key projects.

  • In March 2006, Alcatel Shanghai Bell established a joint TD-SCDMA interoperability laboratory with Datang Mobile. The joint lab provides a real network environment dedicated to interoperability testing between GSM and TD-SCDMA applications to ensure the seamless provision of wireless services to end users. The closer cooperation made possible by this new agreement demonstrates that the two parties are prepared to meet the anticipated demand for TD-SCDMA and capitalize on the market opportunities of TD-SCDMA in China and around the world.

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