Monday, September 29, 2008

Alcatel-Lucent Enhances IPTV Network Analyzer

Alcatel-Lucent announced enhancements to its 5530 Network Analyzer (NA) for testing solution for DSL-based broadband access networks. Enhancements include a customer care interface that enables service provider staff to provide immediate support when facing end-user issues, while the Dynamic Line Management (DLM) feature automatically sets DSL to work with their optimal parameters, resulting in a dramatic increase in stability and service quality.

Alcatel-Lucent noted that is 5530 Network Analyzer, which was launched in May 2004 for the ETSI market and in June 2006 for the North American market, now has more than 25 million digital subscriber lines under management. It has been successfully introduced at more than 50 service providers around the world -- publicly announced references which include KPN, Telstra, SingTel, TNZ, Iceland Telecom, Algeria Telecom, Kazakhtelecom, Tunisie Telecom, and Shaanxi Telecom. The 5530 Network Analyzer supports both Alcatel-Lucent and third party DSLAMs.