Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alcatel-Lucent Debuts Location-Driven Mobile Services Platform

Alcatel-Lucent introduced its 5130 Geographic Messaging Services Platform (GMSP), a location-driven services platform that supports the delivery of finely targeted "push" messaging, advertising and social networking services to mobile users based on their location.

The 5130 GMSP leverages algorithms developed at Bell Labs to create a "geo-fence" around a particular mobile user or physical location. This enables messages, promotions and ads to reach subscribers at the most appropriate time and place. When a mobile phone user crosses a given "fence," it triggers the delivery of an SMS text message or multimedia message that is relevant to that individual and that location, such as a promotion for a particular store, or the presence of a friend or associate in the area.

The GMSP is in trial with both mobile network operators and enterprises, including the Indianapolis Colts of the U.S. National Football League, which is currently testing the 5130 GMSP and its Geopepper social networking application as a way to extend the MyColts.net social networking community.

The 5130 GMSP Platform and application suite includes:

  • 5130 GMSP Geofencing Engine

  • Geopepper Mobile Marketing Application, a white label service offering location-driven, mobile marketing capabilities to deliver timely information about retail businesses and promotions based on location and pre-defined end user interests

  • Geopepper Social Networking Application for carriers, a white label service that offers location-driven social networking capabilities for mobile devices, delivering targeted content and buddy alerts based on end-user location

Potential applications include:

  • Mobile marketing and advertising, (e.g., sports arenas/stadiums)

  • Social networking

  • Geo-blogging

  • Retail affinity

  • Child safety

  • Travel guides

  • Restaurant guides

  • Gaming

  • Corporate productivity and asset tracking

"Location-based services have long been seen as an important potential source of revenue for service providers, advertisers and retailers alike, but to date the technology simply hasn't been available to make these services truly compelling -- as a result uptake has been slow," said Gani Nayak, vice president of Alcatel-Lucent's Messaging activities. "The 5130 GMSP brings location-based services to an entirely new level, enabling the delivery of multimedia content that is personalized, timely and relevant, enriching the mobile Web 2.0 experience."

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