Sunday, September 28, 2008

ADVA Introduces Optojack for Intelligent Demarcation

ADVA Optical Networking introduced its "Optojack" technology for providing optical demarcation and service monitoring at the handoff point between carrier networks, as well as at the demarcation point between the carrier and customer network. Optojack is designed to enable remote Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) of key optical network elements in the access and backhaul portions of the network. The technology its analogous to ADVA's existing "Etherjack" for Ethernet demarcation.

ADVA's Optojack provides the ability to monitor and test wavelength-based services all the way to the access equipment (e.g., a DSLAM at the curb or in a building) or customer device (e.g., LAN router). Using Optojack functionality, carriers gain important knowledge about when optical service degradations or outages take place and, in some cases, can identify service problems before the customer is aware they exist. Importantly, problems can be fixed before they cause a complete outage, contributing to the delivery of higher service availability levels.

Optojack is a Small Form factor Pluggable- (SFP) transceiver-based solution, which is compliant with the MSA (SFP MultiSource Agreement) and can be integrated into any SFP-based equipment, including ADVA Optical Networking's flagship FSP 3000 and FSP 150 solutions. Other network devices, like Optical Network Units (ONUs) that provide the link to the customer premise, can also utilize the SFP, enabling Optojack to play a critical role in successfully managing the entire access portion of the network. In addition, a specific loopback option enables the Optojack functionality to interoperate with any device using standard-based SFPs.

"Due to the competitive nature of our industry, intelligence about the network and the service can be a service provider's secret weapon," commented Dr. Christoph Glingener, chief technology officer (CTO) of ADVA Optical Networking.