Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WiMAX Forum Opens Software Testing Simulator

The WiMAX Forum is making its its open source system level simulator available to its members. The simulator can be used to characterize applications over WiMAX networks. Specifically, the NS-2 based testing application tool provides a unified simulation tool based on the WiMAX Forum's system profiles and facilitates sharing of results and publication of technical papers. For example, the WiMAX Forum NS-2 Simulator could be used to test VoIP performance over WiMAX networks. The simulator will help vendors evaluate scheduler algorithms and technical solutions, in addition to helping service providers perform network planning, capacity evaluation and product evaluation.

The NS-2 Simulator can port a user specific scheduler, evaluate end-to-end performance and conduct network and capacity planning to identify the best deployment strategy and practices. More than 200 users pre-registered for access to the application.

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