Monday, August 11, 2008

Verizon Business Offers NAC for Enterprise Security

Verizon Business is using its worldwide professional and managed service capabilities to help customers deploy and manage Network Access Control (NAC). The technology helps boost network security by allowing only authorized users and compliant devices to access a company's extended network. With intelligence residing in the network, NAC checks endpoints across all access methods, including local area and wide area networks, wireless connectivity, remote access, unmanaged device access and guest access. If devices are noncompliant with the company's security policy, then NAC can deny or restrict those devices from gaining access to the network.

By linking network-based security with identity and access management and endpoint security technologies (including anti-virus, host intrusion prevention and patch management), NAC can greatly limit potential damage to the critical resources from known and unknown security threats that expose vulnerabilities.

Verizon Business said it supports all aspects of NAC -- from design to strategy to implementation, and to management and maintenance. It is immediately available globally to enterprise customers throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific, including Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Verizon Business works with various NAC vendors, including Cisco, Juniper Networks, ForeScout Technologies and TippingPoint.

For customers already using Verizon Business' MSS, the log data collected from the NAC infrastructure is aggregated with data from other managed security devices to provide a more complete view of the customer's security posture. To date, Verizon Business has integrated Cisco Network Admission Control into its MSS platform, with plans to support additional NAC technologies.

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